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Pet Training

Pet training and behaviour classes are probably very high on most new pet owner’s lists when they take possession of their new dog, cat, pony, bird or other favourite animal. The training requirements vary enormously from animal to animal, although in many cases obedience is the focus of attention! This is especially true of dogs, where an un-trained animal can cause havoc, especially when let off the lead.

All over the UK it’s easy to find a pet trainer in your locality, and dog obedience classes are some of the most popular. Learning to obey commands is a main priority, and special classes can be arranged for problem dogs that may be in need of rehabilitation. Cat training is different of course, and can usually be simply achieved at home through repetitive actions – learning to use a cat flap or dirt tray are just two simple examples.

Many owners of birds that are capable of mimicking a human voice will spend hours training them to say a few words. Pet training classes are also useful for obtaining guidance on bird training techniques – this can also extend to lessons on how to handle a bird, or the best places for them to be placed in a home environment.

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