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Professional Animal Breeders

Pet owners that are passionate about their animals and are concerned for their origins, will normally buy their pet from a recognized animal breeder - these are well qualified to keep properly documented records of descent lines, whilst working hard to keep the high standards of existing breeds. Unfortunately some animals are purchased from unqualified people, and these animals will often disappoint their new owners.

If pet owners want to buy a new puppy, kitten, budgie, parrot or even a pony, a recognised pet breeder is the place to go. Universally they have the same aim – to reproduce animals that display characteristics and qualities that are consistent with that particular breed of animal. Many serious breeders who have excellent track records, are able to charge large sums of money for a new puppy, kitten or other animal of choice, and these well bred animals may well go on to continue the important blood line of descent.

There are many recognised bodies that pet owners can get advice from, such as the Dog Breeders Association. Apart from plenty of information about particular breeds or strains of dogs, they will also be able to provide details of dog breeders in particular areas of the UK, and even have access to forums where pet owners can exchange views and information.

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