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Pet Shops Selling Birds and Parrots

Whether you want to purchase an African Grey parrot or the tiniest budgerigar, thereís sure to be a bird shop or dealer somewhere in your vicinity that can help you. Itís always best to buy a bird from a recognised breeder, and many of them will either sell direct to customers or have a bird shop outlet that is well qualified to advise on all aspects of keeping a bird as a pet. This advice will not only apply to the bird, but the type of cage, food and handling requirements.

With a huge choice of birds that are suitable for keeping at home, choosing the right one can be the hardest part! Budgerigars and canaries are often the most popular, with bigger parrots and cockatiels also taking pride of place in a bird shop selection. Hardy birds like doves, pigeons or even lovebirds can withstand low temperatures, and many children will often pick chicken or ducks as their bird of choice – these can earn their keep with a plentiful supply of fresh eggs.

Most of the staff in bird shops or other bird selling outlets are often keen bird lovers themselves, and are well qualified to offer as much help as needed by the first time buyer. If customers are looking for a bird with minimum maintenance, they may be advised to buy a pair of finches that are usually perfectly happy to entertain themselves, and will give day long amusement to their owners.

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