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Pet Shops Selling Cat & Kitten Products

As one of the UKís most popular pets, domestic cats are owned by approximately 30% of the population. Whilst some owners keep their favourite moggie totally indoors, most let their animals outside through cat flaps to take advantage of the local mouse, vole, rabbit or bird population! Whilst this diet is usually only a supplement to the dozens of brands of cat food, it also means that trips to the vet are commonplace for bites, scratches or intestinal problems.

This cat population has spawned a massive number of specialist pet shops devoted almost entirely to supplying food, equipment, bedding and toys to keep our feline friends happy and contented. Their range of products includes cat litter trays, feeding and drinking bowls, baskets, beds and travel carriers for trips to the vet or cattery at holiday times.

Grooming products are essential to help keep a catís coat looking in great condition, and many traditional and online-only pet shops can offer a range of products including combs and brushes to help owners achieve this. Cat lovers may also buy treats and toys for their cat, as well as dietary supplements, flea and worming treatments. Whatever you need for your cat, the shops shown below can offer great products and prices to suit all budgets.

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