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Pet Insurance

Insuring a much loved pet is a high priority for many animal lovers, and with a wide choice of policies available that will cover many eventualities, it makes sense for pet owners to cover as many risks as possible, within their individual budget for pet insurance. As most pet owners will be aware, vets fees can be very high for complicated conditions requiring long periods of treatment or even difficult operations, so itís unsurprising that covering these fees is one of the most popular pet insurance risks.

A serious situation requiring surgery could easily mean pet owners ending up with fees of several thousands of pounds. Many policies offer easy methods of payment, and of course a choice of amounts of excess, that are usually based on an animalís age or even value. Other pet insurance can cover the emergency repatriation of pets that have been taken abroad and suddenly require urgent treatment that the owner would prefer was dealt with by their usual vet.

Many polices may also include death from illness or injury and theft or straying, as well as covering the fees for advertising for an animalís return which may even include a financial reward. Another main area of cover for pet insurance is normally the risk of an animal causing serious injury to a person or even another animal. This may not be caused by attacking and biting, but could be a simple accident like tripping over an exuberant dog thatís just having fun.

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