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Pigeon Feed Shops

Found in almost every country of the world, pigeons are a truly international bird with several hundred different breeds in existence. In the UK, most pigeon fanciers belong to the National Pigeon Association or The Royal Pigeon Racing Association. They offer an enormous amount of practical advice to pigeon breeders and owners, as well as encouraging new people to take part in this relatively inexpensive hobby. The use of homing pigeons during WW2 is well documented, and racing pigeons are often used in competitions between owners in different countries.

With so many pigeons kept in relative captivity, there’s a huge market in supplying cages, food, bedding, drinkers, feeders and dozens of other accessories. Many companies produce a range of pigeon food mixes, often specially formulated for different types or breeds. Gem is one of the best known brands, with round berry maize, maple peas and red dari being the principal ingredients. Most pigeon food can be purchased in garden centres or specialist outlets, although a growing number of fanciers choose to purchase online.

All pigeon owners need to be alert to potential health problems and take immediate action to prevent cross infection. Many remedies are available to buy over the counter or online, and many of the UK’s vets are well able to cope with any problems. Pigeons bred from proven pedigree stock can command large sums of money, and with medals, cups and trophies all up for grabs, this is a serious sport for millions of people around the world.