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Pet Rescue Centres

Itís a sad fact of life that some pet animals just arenít cared for in a humane and decent way. Our newspapers and TV screens are often full of stories about pet neglect and abuse. Luckily, there are many pet rescue organisations spread throughout the UK that help to pick up the pieces from these sad events. Founded in 1824, the RSPCA is probably the most high profile national pet rescue centre charity; it deals with thousands of cases every year of pet neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Whilst the RSPCA rightly grabs many of the headlines, there are thousands of other organisations that can help with injured or homeless pets. Many of these specialise in specific animal types ranging from popular cats and dogs to horses, birds and rabbits. Some pet rescue centres will deal with so called Ďexoticí pets that are notoriously hard to look after. Many of them require high living temperatures as well as live food which can become too expensive for some owners to maintain.

In many ways, thereís no need for any animals to suffer. Lots of pet rescue centres will gladly step in to help pet owners look after animals, or in more extreme cases arrange for them to be re-homed. Happily, there are probably millions of pets in the UK that lead very contented lives, are well looked after and kept well nourished by their owners. However, in times of need, itís good to know that so many pet rescue centres can step in to help out when necessary.

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