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Pet Shops Selling Small Animals

After cats and dogs, animals classed as ‘small’ are amongst children’s favourite pets. The choice is surprisingly large, especially when it comes to everyone’s favourite bunny rabbit! The small animal pet shops can only usually keep a few different breeds such as English Andora, Lionhead or Dwarf Lop, but there are many small animal breeders spread all over the UK that specialise in some of the more uncommon varieties. Many of these rabbits are kept in the home and are treated by their owners as they would a cat or dog.

Small animals kept as pets are not confined to just children of course, and plenty of adults will keep hamsters, guinea pigs, rats or mice. Most pet shops selling these little furries may also stock other favourite creatures such as birds like budgies and canaries, aquarium equipment or even a selection of reptiles like lizards, frogs or terrapins.

Prospective owners are recommended to get specialist advice from a breeder or small animal pet shop before making a final decision on their choice of small animal. Living quarters, food and temperature all play an important part in taking the best care of a new pet in order to keep it healthy and active.

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